Time is a resource NEVER to be retrieved. Guard it. Use it wisely. Don’t let others waste it. Don’t waste it yourself. What ever you consider valuable to put in your precious time, prioritize such. Make obligations that don’t feel valuable to you as efficient and swift as possible (cleaning house or folding clothes). Shrink the time that people wish to misuse. Be unavailable politely WHEN others don’t value your time too. Easily reclaim your time so others don’t waste your time (when they gossip, when they go on and on about trifles, when they complain and complain without looking for either solution, relief, compassion, or insights.) Connection with others that is valuable to both of you is never a waste. Rest and recreation that rejuvenates and energizes is so valuable. But there are plenty of time bandits these days. And YOU MATTER and therefore so does your time.

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