Podcast Stories of Recovery

Abuse, rape, bullying, intimidation, frightening domineering treatment impacted four women before and in their early twenties. These four women share those events and their various ways of recovering from such disempowering and scary experiences.

Joan Schibienski, author of four books, teacher of intuitive abilities, and spiritual counselor, shares her experience with three different abusive situations and what tools helped her recover from these different situations. She also  describes some routes she took to recover and move forward.

Teresa Joyce, author of There’s A Fine Line understands the ramifications of severe psychological, emotional, and sexual abuse by her father.  Following-up on an interview from 2013, Dr. Carol Francis and Teresa Joyce travel down the paths to recovering after these early-aged and chronic atrocities.

Mary Shores, Author of Dream with a Deadline and Conscious Communication, shares her very valuable guidelines for recovering tools to use after abuse and trauma. Child Abuse, Spousal Abuse, and complicated Traumas impact emotional health, self-esteem, abilities to succeed, confidence, sense of balance and stability, skills of trust and discernment, and relationships.  

Trauma and abuse impact our nervous system, cardiovascular system, our biochemistry, as well as our muscles. We become vulnerable to health concerns including fibromyalgia, cancer, infections, and Chronic Fatigue. Dr. Lori Deutsch, D.A.O.M., L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. (FABORM) discusses various perspectives and healing modalities from both western and eastern medicine.

Mary O’Maley, Hypnotherapist and Alternative Healthcare Professional, describes many tools, attitudes, and healing modalities which help individuals recover, thrive, and transform after Childhood Abuse.  In addition, since there are levels or degrees of recovering after childhood abuse, often adults will revisit issues that need more work, more healing, more love, more attention etc. 

Nancy Levin, bestselling authorMaster Integrative Life Coach, and the creator of the Jump Coaching and Worthy Coaching Programs, shares freely her paths of recovery from various life complications and traumas and describes her program JUMP so as to help each listener move out of abuse and trauma into life of recovery and thriving.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, physician, surgeon, author, motivational speaker, and inspirational teacher shares the horrors and recovery processes related to abuse with a focus on child abuse. Parents, teachers, children and adults abused as children will appreciate the many true stories of pain and recovery.   Dr. Siegel speaks to your heart, your past, and your body’s aches.

The possible correlation between sexual abuse, emotional trauma, and cancer is evident in some research findings and is discussed by Carlos Caridad, founder of Healing Cancer In This Century and holistic health practitioner who also, for over 20 years, worked in a cancer recovery clinic evaluating such connections.  

Inspired by the HBO movie “Confirmation” today we discuss physical abuse, sexual abuse, abuse of power and the necessity to escape abuse with a savvy, strategic self-preserving plan and assistance. Anita Hill’s bravery and straight-forward discussion of the events led to an increased awareness that women are to be treated with respect in all domains of life, work, home, and in media.  

Binge eating, bulimia, diet pills, anorexia, the unnatural urge to be unhealthily skinny – these practices drive many women into the darkest of secret pathways, leading to emotional and physical death. Author Erica McKenzie explains this frightening trap of “thin means beauty” from her own dreadfully harried eating, purging, diet pills craze, and starvation journey into death.   Erica then reveals her miraculous journey into God’s very threshold while clinically dead.  

Dr Carol Francis - Paths to Recovery After Abuse and Trauma

Manipulators are exceptionally good at pushing on their attitude, will, and belief systems upon others around them. The people that succumb to the abusers and manipulators tend to not recognize that they have a tremendous amount of power and as a consequence, they are not able to pick themselves up from the abusers and manipulators. We will talk about a few ways to free yourself.

Men and women are both very vulnerable to being around emotional manipulators. If you’re able to recognize when you’re under the influence by another individual, then you will be able to get yourself out of it, if you want to. Dr. Carol Francis visits how to escape the false charms and lures of manipulators and connect with healthy relationships instead. 

Raven Keyes, Reiki Master and author of book The Healing Power of Reiki, uses Reiki in operating rooms with physicians such as well-known Dr. Oz.  She explains the power of Reiki as a Healing Energy and how Reiki can assist with surgery, cancer, post traumatic stress reactions, anxiety etc. This alternative health care practice is worthy of every individual’s considerations.

Child Sexual Abuse remains horrifically part of our “enlightened society.”  Whenever children innocently and vulnerable need adult attention, opportunistic adults may “groom” children in their care to become unwilling, manipulated sexual partners.  James R Dunlap, author of Millstone,  is a parent riveted with the damage his son suffered at the hands of a Catholic priest.