Course 6: Creating Inner Peace

Depression, anxiety, stress, fear, anger, turmoil, trauma, and abuse stab each of us. Conflicts wrangle and strangle any chance for peace away, or so we falsely believe. How many of us also feel that PEACEFULNESS is a silly, unattainable, and unwise goal in this modern conflict-oriented, war-mongering, and impossibly fast-paced, competitive world? Be surprised.

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Course Materials

Course Materials:

This course is based upon the book Own Your Peace: KISS Method for Inner Peaceful LivingIt is recommended that you pick-up that book from Amazon. Also, a PDF version of parts of this book was a free gift you may have selected when you joined this program. Please refer to your email and retrieve that PDF sampling of this book.

Other books mentioned:
Spiritual Paths for Your Successful Life by Dr. Carol Francis
Your Soaring Phoenix by Dr. Carol Francis

Course Content

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Class 1 - Serendipitous Inner Peace


Class 2 - Inner Sanctuary of Inner Peace


Class 3 - Owning Your Castle of Inner Peace


Class 4 - Inner Peace Through Becoming a Spiritual Warrior


Class 5 - Resolutions, Decisions, Determination


Class 6 - Ascension and Transcendent Tools for Inner Peaceful Living


Writing Exercises - Creating Inner Peace (PDF Download)


Audio Exercises - Creating Inner Peace (All Classes)


Bonus Material - Creating Inner Peace