Just Need to DO It?

Breaking old patterns and implementing new ones is an important skill for everyone. And, yes, since old patterns are familiar and grooved into you, new patterns will feel awkward and forgettable. Sometimes, it may be important to understand why roadblocks stop you from integrating new patterns of behaviors, thoughts, or even feelings. Other times, when you catch yourself NOT doing the new pattern, just start the moment you recognize you forgot to be different in that moment. Sometimes, don’t ask “why don’t I change?” And at that moment just do all or part of the new pattern. It’s a great way to wake up yourself into adapting the new pattern. For a vwry simple example, “Gish why do I not do situps during warming up to run?…forget the why…” you say to yourself “let’s do some situps right now.” And then you do them… Asking why can be helpful sometimes and other times asking why just stops the doing and keeps you stuck in analytic loops. Try it, now! Um.going to do situps right now, and then off to my wog (my walk-jog exercise).

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