Waking Up After Escaping Abuse & Trauma – Bonus Videos

Mary O’Maley, Hypnotherapist and Alternative Healthcare Professional, describes many tools, attitudes, and healing modalities which help individuals recover, thrive, and transform after Childhood Abuse. Dr. Carol Francis also explains that often childhood abuse is either not remembered until adulthood and/or cannot be easily resolved until adulthood due to opportunity, strength-building efforts, and independence.

AbuseTraumaRecovery.com is an online course which provides you paths for recovery that help you discover and create your way of feeling and being better after you have escaped and survived an abusive or traumatic situation. Dr. Carol Francis has helped thousands recover after abuse and trauma for over 40 years. This is one step in the recovery process: becoming your best ally, your best friend and providing yourself with respect.

James R Dunlap, author of Millstone, a thrilling, fast paced, important novel about child sexual abuse, is a parent himself riveted with the damage his son suffered at the hands of a Catholic priest. During Sexual Abuse Awareness Week, November 26, 2012, James Dunlap and dedicated supporters release Millstone (The Novel) to reveal these sexual predators and to save children from becoming their next victims.

Admitting to anyone that you were raped, molested or “almost” raped is HUGE. It is torturous to know such happened to one’s self and far more significant to share those realities with people who may or may not be understanding, supportive and helpful. The GOP currently is disavowing Dr. Ford’s right to be heard in a judicious, fair, safe, and verifiable fashion and that is akin to being socially raped.