Spiritual Tools for Recovery – Bonus Videos

Abusive Relationships are hard to flee. Sometimes religion, religious creeds, and religious moralizing are used to manipulate the abused to remain harnessed or trapped in the marriages, families or kidnapping circumstances. Guilt or feeling sorry for the abuser or even feeling it is “God’s will” to be long suffering or be bravely dealing with the pain is used as a noose to keep abused individuals attached. Catholic Priests have used such techniques as you can see in my other shows. But wives and husbands and children need to realize that religion faith should never be used as a reason to be disrespectful toward yourself nor subject yourself to cruelty in the name of some religious teaching.

Sexual Abuse Awareness Week- “Child Sexual Abuse is nothing new. It remains horrifically part of our “enlightened society.” Whenever children innocently and vulnerably need adult attention, opportunistic adults may “groom” children in their care to become unwilling, manipulated sexual partners. Parents, remain alert especially when childcare or extra-curricular activities afford adult sexual predators access to lure clueless, trusting children into private locations,” explains Dr. Carol Francis. 

James R Dunlap, author of Millstone, a thrilling, fast paced, important novel about child sexual abuse, is a parent himself riveted with the damage his son suffered at the hands of a Catholic priest. 

During Sexual Abuse Awareness Week, November 26, 2012, James Dunlap and dedicated supporters release Millstone (The Novel) to reveal these sexual predators and to save children from becoming their next victims. Joelle Casteix joins the program today also as the leading national spokesperson, writer, and advocate for victims of child sexual abuse. She is also the Western Regional Director for SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. 

Former police officer Tom Townsend joins the show as well. Having investigated several sexual abuse cases in his career and knowing the impact it has on children even as they grow into adults, Tom Townsend takes every opportunity he can to help prevent it and educate all children to speak out, reveal their abusers and seek help.

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