CONSIDER that after sleeping eight hours a night, you have 120 hours a week in which to create, learn, upkeep, connect, move, nutrition, help, recreate, and make the world, your world, a fully better place to live. 120 Hours. Precious time in which to DO YOU, BE YOU, discover you and care about yourself and those worthy others. WORTHY? YES, it’s important to realize that sacrificing yourself so others can waste your time IS extremely costly. I’m not talking about parenting well (which is time consuming and time well spent). Rather how do those who need to live their lives successfully tend to get you to do their lives for them! Codependency is when someone depends on another person who codependently accepts the burden of dragging the other’s weight for them. Carry your weight, which does include children while they are truly learning and growing with your guidance, does not include carrying another’s weight that they wish to put on your shoulders. Let them get off their couch and lift their weight. They will fall and fail and plead for you to do their work. Hmmm. Their life…their weight to carry and your life has 120 hours a week (after good sleep) in which to express YOU.

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