Course 8: Your Body’s Recovery

With abuse and trauma, your body can lose all regulation, rhythms, and consistent patterns that help each part of your body function reliably and smoothly. Course 8 focuses upon how you can help your body recover so that you can rely on your body as you emotionally and psychologically recover, also. You want to shift your body’s dysregulations after your abuse and trauma, so it can function smoothly. You need to create reliable rhythms or patterns so that your body can regulate itself and support you reliably. Take charge and exercise the power you have to help your body recover – TODAY!

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Course Materials:

Recommended for this course: Paths to Recovery After Abuse and Trauma by Dr. Carol Francis

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Class 1 - Regulating Your Body with Food


Class 2 - Regulating Your Body with Exercise


Class 3 - Regulating Your Heart and Breathing


Class 4 - Regulating Your Brain Waves Using Devices


Class 5 - Recovering Through Healing Sleep


Class 6 - Nutrients, Illness, Immune System and Recovery


Writing Exercises - Your Body's Recovery (PDF Download)


Audio Exercises - Your Body's Recovery (All Classes)


Bonus Material - Your Body's Recovery