While people around you have NOT displayed integrity nor any allegiance to caring about the impact of their foul behaviors, you have a choice to manage your own character qualities. Do you consider integrity to be valuable to you or to other worthy people? What does integrity even look like when it interfaces with the treachery of cruelty and deception? Is safety valued larger than integrity? Considered this article as you contemplate. “People with integrity often display these 10 character traits” – Hack Spirit


“Who am I?” You have many dimensions to who you are and thus many expressions of your personality. So as you recover, know that only a part of you will periodically erupt that reacts to your trauma and the triggers in your present. You are more, much more than your traumas. Don’t forget ALL of who you are as your evolve and heal. Check this article out “Personality Can Change from One Hour to the Next”- Scientific American


Obstacles are challenges to overcome ~ this one approach to recovery is a truism of optimism that helps parents and their children be empowered instead of defeated when abuse or trauma or less than optimal moments occur. It’s sounds too unrealistic when we are in the middle of defeat or exhaustion. Yet, as soon as you find a path to begin defeating the obstacle and your energies to do so are a little stronger, begin to wisely act. That beginning wise act will begin a cascade of turning your obstacle into just something to climb over or around. Check this article out “Parenting expert Michele Borba: Optimism helps kids succeed”


Being the man you are, not the man socially programmed one way or another, is about embracing what you know about yourself while allowing yourself to be evolving in ways you don’t yet understand too. Considered this author’s point of view and write your own list that you think will help you achieve your potential. “5 Things You Need To Let Go of To Achieve Your Full Potential as a Man” | Primer