As you heal and recover from abuse or trauma during this pandemic weirdness, consider how any reactions you might be having may also have an overlap with pademic isolation, fear, or feeling out of control like so many people do relative to this pandemic more than relative to recovery work. “Yale neuroscientist discusses how coronavirus pandemic stress alters brain chemistry -” Hartford Courant

Healthy practices are important. Consider equally though that you need to perform practices that are healthy even when you don’t feel healthy merely to exercise muscles that don’t yet exist inside your emotional terrain. Consider these suggestions: “True Self-Improvement Rests on Only 3 Things”| by Niklas Göke | Four Minute Books | Aug, 2020 | Medium

Maybe enlight of this articles suggestions, we survivors of trauma need to play, laugh, dance, create, smile, sleep, and exercise more in childlike ways to create the neurology and psychology of youthfulness more deliberately. Look after your brains need to be light-hearted too. “Experiencing Childhood Trauma Makes Body and Brain Age Faster” – Neuroscience News