Your Body’s Recovery – Bonus Videos

Connection of Abuse with Health Issues
such as Cancer

This video provides important summaries about the impact of various types of childhood abuse (sexual abuse, rape, molestations, hitting, psychological and emotional abuse) and how these early childhood experiences cause a vulnerability to illnesses such as cancer. Since we can recover from abuse and can redirect our health to be optimal, there is hope to intervene and avoid this correlation.


Defeating the Correlation of Cancer and Sexual Abuse by Hundreds of Tools

This is about sexual abuse that has happened any time in life, whether one time or chronic. In terms of being sexually molested or raped, there is an unfortunate correlation between those events and getting cancer. But this is not a correlation you should live out. The purpose of this video is to make it so that correlation does not touch you. 


Energizing and Quick Meditation that Activates Your Body & Generates Peacefulness

Energizing meditations in this video activates your body and helps all your systems harmonize as you bring your conscious awareness into focus with each of your major energizing portions of your body. This is related to Kundalini, Chakra System, Hypnosis, Wakefulness Practices, Mindfulness, and Meditation practice.