Course 6: Create Your Inner Peace

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Inner peace experiences can be discovered, owned and created. Being active, proactive, and determined to recover and to learn to experience inner peacefulness means practicing and learning new ways of feeling, thinking, imagining, and dialoging with ourselves. In Course 6: Create Your Inner Peace, you will learn:

  • The different levels of inner peace
  • Owning your castle
  • Inner peace through becoming a spiritual warrior
  • Resolutions/determination/decisions
  • Third depth of inner peace

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Course Materials:

Recommended for this course:

Recovery After Trauma Work: For Healthcare Workers by Dr. Carol Francis

Paths to Recovery After Abuse and Trauma by Dr. Carol Francis

Own Your Peace: KISS Method for Inner Peaceful Living  by Dr. Carol Francis

Spiritual Paths to Successful Living  by Dr. Carol Francis

Your Soaring Phoenix  by Dr. Carol Francis

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