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If you recently escaped, remembered, or openly admitted your abuse or trauma experience, begin here.

12R’s are 12 tools which help you deal with sudden flashbacks, nightmares, startle reactions, panic, self-esteem loss, harmful thoughts.

12R’s are 12 tools useful when you need to respond to unwanted thoughts, memories, emotions, panic, or nightmares.

Tools and ideas in Course 4 help you manage important, new or complicated relationships while you are recovering.

Emotions can enliven or defeat us. Learn how to regulate emotions of sadness, depression, fear, anger. Re-invigorate love & compassion.

Building inner peace requires learning managing conflicts, emotions, mistrust, and personal horrific memories.

Real moments of being a victim, harmed by others, can loop into a victimization cycle that you will want to prevent.

Your body absorbed your trauma too and needs help so it can regulate, recalibrate, and be healed of its’ painful bodily memories.

Create your endurance, your ability to rise-up again and fight back when necessary. Create GRIT: Gut, Resilience, Identity, & Tenacity.

Hundreds of psychotherapies are available to help you recover. What are these therapies and how do you choose which best fits you now?

Self-Therapy Moments are therapeutic moments you create, practice, and modify to empower you during complicated moments.

Spiritual Tools are core recovery tools which some people find to be equal with or more powerful than other trauma interventions.

Use yoga for recovery to help with the body, mind, and soul. Guiding you through this course is international yoga teacher, Adriene Mishler.

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