In general, any life that feels satisfying is balanced between sleep, work, fun. I include family, eating and vacations and daily self care under both work and fun categories. Sleep has GOT to be a priority especially when you are recovering from trauma. It will help your chemistry, functions, healing, processing…everything. But as with anything, too much sleep (which is not always the same amount by the way) can imbalance your work and fun. Well, here is one vague but realistic tool, balance changes constantly just like if you were walking a high wire…balance always changes. Priorities change balance and your sleep health and nutrition. Bottom line: Health must be priority. Everything is compromised when your body, brain, muscles, energy and over all pain management are messed up. Oh and by the way, exercise is not optional for health. Without sweaty movement, depression and anxiety and bad coping skills will wreck havoc. SLEEP IN A HEALTHY MANNER. EAT REAL NUTRIENTS. MOVE YOUR BODY AND SWEAT DAILY. Then prioritize the rest.

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