Emotions can’t be in charge of your life!

Emotions and feelings were never intended to be your guide nor you

r master. They are spices of your life. Emotions tap you on your shoulder to help you pay attention to yourself and your situation. EMOTIONS do not act alone to make wise, informed decisions. Emotions can be fickle, blind reactions, programmed impulses, or lying decpetions or emotions can help you tune in accurately. So, pay attention to your feelings and your emotions but don’t give them the helm, don’t make them your CEO, don’t make them your leader. Instead develop a team inside you who will consult with facts, with history, with opinions, with investigations, with goals and with feelings. Emotions, intuition, thinking, analysis, research skills, consultations, planning, problems solving All need to be in your internal team to help guide you and help you discern what are your most helpful paths it clearest wisdom.

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