If We are What We Think..

Guarding the gate of your thought meditations or your daydreams moments or your contemplations about the future, or your replay of the past may be a super power of psychological hacking. It could also be repression, avoidance, rigidity, stifled creativity, or personal dishonesty. We may be what steals our thought real estate but also what your thoughts visit may be your avenue to creativity, solutions, self-disccovery or wakeup calls to change. So practice both the freedom to let your thoughts wonder while you watch and learn or be and…ALSO, practice switching away from thoughts and steering them toward healthy, peaceful, problem-solving or creative processes. Practice both. One person shared with me yesterday on FB that ‘Worry is the byproduct of inaccurate imagination.’ Maybe..sometimes. I think Worry might also be 1) intuition that something is needing attention, 2) signal that I need to prepare better for situations, 3) a moment to practice emergency response thinking and planing, 4) communication from my loving heart that I care. Negative thoughts may be spoilers but they may also be tools to grow with and from. So sometimes watch and learn and sometimes switch and steer when “negative thoughts” knock at your gate.

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