Childhood Abuse Recovery as an Adult

with Dr. Carol Francis

Click here for the link to a podcast on this topic of childhood abuse recovery in the adult years with Dr. Carol Francis and Mary O’Maley.

Mary O’Maley, Hypnotherapist and Alternative Healthcare Professional, describes many tools, attitudes, and healing modalities which help individuals recover, thrive, and transform after Childhood Abuse. Dr. Carol Francis also explains that often childhood abuse is either not remembered until adulthood and/or cannot be easily resolved until adulthood due to opportunity, strength-building efforts, and independence. In addition, since there are levels or degrees of recovering after childhood abuse, often adults will revisit issues that need more work, more healing, more love, more attention etc. These later adult revisits can provide greater and greater freedom, insights, healing and Self-respect. Various traditional western psychological tools, eastern philosophy tools, modern shamanic tools, hypnotherapeutic tools are described as well in this hour dialogue between Mary O’Maley, M.S. and Dr. Carol Francis to help individuals recognize the many tools that will help them progress along the Paths to Recovery After Abuse and Trauma.

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