When a Victim of Rape, Molestation, or Attempts Comes Forth with Their Story

Dr. Ford as Example

Admitting to anyone that you were raped, molested or “almost” raped is HUGE. It is torturous to know such happened to one’s self and far more significant to share those realities with people who may or may not be understanding, supportive and helpful. The GOP currently is disavowing Dr. Ford’s right to be heard in a judicious, fair, safe, and verifiable fashion and that is akin to being socially raped. That’s is beyond chagrin. Yes, Anita Hill was wrongfully treated. Yes, those who were raped or molested by ANY politician of any party is abhorrent. This is not a party issue. This is a human, a humane issue, and not to be tolerated. So if someone attempts to share with you that they were sexually violated, then listen, care, feel the horror, and try to be helpful, not judgmental, minimizing, nor condescending. And, by the way, if you were aggressive with a sexual partner in your past and ponder if you could have been considered a rapist, you too need to worry. You need to consider that if you forced anyone into a sexual act, you too might be complicit. This issue with Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford is causing many to perk up and question if they violated someone and acted with duly disgusting, self-indulgent disrespect.

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