Four Women Who Explore their Rape, Bullying, Abusive Relationships, and Molestations and How To Recover

Abuse, rape, bullying, intimidation, frightening domineering treatment impacted four women before and in their early twenties.  These four women share those events (gently and lightly) and their various ways of recovering from such disempowering and scary experiences that became part of their early relationships.  These two hours explore bullying contrasted with self-esteem, rape and attempted rape that colored their childhood, teen years and early twenties, emotional abuse and psychological manipulations which pinned them into supposed “loving” relationships.  We also explore the brave and bold actions and decisions, vulnerable realizations that led to heroic kindness to other victims and clarity against perpetrators. Then we end with many moments of joyous victory, resilience, determination to be our own benevolent powerful selves yielding to no past experiences or future threats.  Join us in the last 10 minutes when we roar with the seriousness of lionesses and tigress who take-hold of their ability to recover with determination and live with tenacity to thrive.

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