Freeing Yourself from Manipulators Who Control, Dominate and Demean

with Dr. Carol Francis

Dr. Carol Francis visits how to escape the false charms and lures of manipulators and connect with healthy relationships instead. This podcast is all about those individuals that manipulate you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t do in your sane mind. Men and women are both very vulnerable to being around emotional manipulators. We need to focus on when someone has gone way beyond influencing and instead has taken charge of who you are. It’s not as important to know who those people are, but rather it’s important to know when it is happening to you. When you know you’re under the influence or being hypnotized or owned by another individual, then you will be able to get yourself out of it, if you want to. And that is the key because sometimes we don’t want to get out of being manipulated because perhaps those are the individuals that we feel give us love, valuation, and recognition.

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