Energizing and Quick Meditation that Activates Your Body & Generates Peacefulness

with Dr. Carol Francis

Energizing meditations in this video activates your body and helps all your systems harmonize as you bring your conscious awareness into focus with each of your major energizing portions of your body. This is related to Kundalini, Chakra System, Hypnosis, Wakefulness Practices, Mindfulness, and Meditation practice. This energizing medication also is related to a new perspective about your 70 Trillion cells each having their own “body-energy” that includes all the individual Chakra energy fields as is related to the Rainbow Body. If you are not keen on spiritual concepts or teachings, no worry, this type of meditation is easy, doable in 60 seconds or more in any situation and does not require a quiet place for an extended time. This is part of my Zen Zonez Meditation series related to my book: Own Your Peace: KISS METHOD for Inner Peaceful Living

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