Sexual Abuse Exposed

Interview with Teresa Joyce, Author

Sexual abuse, emotional blackmail, psychological intimidation against a young child bleeds into adult years of tormented memories. Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, interviews Teresa Joyce about her personal experiences of being abused by her Step-Father from childhood and into adult years. Teresa Joyce writes her autobiography of many horrific, bizarre and twisted events in her book “There’s A Thin Line” released by Chipmunka Publishers. Teresa Joyce with Dr. Carol Francis helps all individuals suffering from child abuse and the residual impact such has in adult years by exposing the topics that many wish to hide. People hide such past events for fear of hurting others, being disbelieved, shame and embarrassment, or fear of being misunderstood or blamed. But if sexual abuse to children is to come to a halt, we must help each other reveal the horrors that are and have taken place. Author Teresa Joyce does the difficult task of revealing truths and explaining the experiences those sexually abused face. This program is adopted from a radio show, Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show: Make Life Happen.

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