Repetition Compulsions: Why we repeat and relive trauma, panic, abuse, cruelty or disasters

with Dr. Carol Francis

Panic, Anxiety, Fear, Phobias….Suffering from moments or hours with these intense emotions is definitely not fun and can be debilitating. Your wish to no longer suffer under the pressures of these emotional reactions is a clear sign that you are willing to start transforming your body’s and your mind’s way of reacting to seemingly anxious situations and move into regulating yourself with a pervading sense of peace and calm. There are at least four reasons as to why individuals repeatedly dream, think about, relive or re-enact horrible events in their lives and knowing these reasons might build your self-compassion and self-respect. Building your self-compassion and self-respect is one of the first steps to take toward recovering from trauma. Understanding repetition compulsions gives you another beacon of information that helps you move forward on a path toward peace and ease.

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