Reiki Group Talk Featuring Carlos Caridad

Carlos Caridad is a Reiki Master and Practitioner in the Los Angeles, CA area and has over 25 years of training, waking up and energizing energy centers (main chakras along the spine and everywhere else in the body). He is also the Founder and Host of Healing Cancer In This Century, an online video summit bringing awareness about how emotional trauma and abuse can affect a person’s health. He has an extensive background working for 23 years at the Valley Cancer Institute, a Hyperthermia Cancer Clinic in Los Angeles, California. Carlos also holds a Masters of Science in Electronics Engineering. As a scientist who practiced meditation and Yoga Pranayams, he realized there was something powerful with those healing energies. In 2004, his son was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. With the help of a homeopathic doctor and energy healers, his son was healed. 

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