Narcissism Recovery – Retraining Your Brain & Emotions to Respect Others for the Narcissist – Part 1

with Dr. Carol Francis

For those of you who have recognized your narcissistic tendencies and wish to become more loving, responsible to others, and mutual in your teamwork, this series walks you through a few doable and relevant exercises. Of course, practicing these exercises will be what trains your brain and your emotional muscles into a new way of expressing your personality and functioning in your relationships.

This Part 1 gives you a few examples of how you might be acting that indicate that narcissism is too much a part of your relationships. No mutual satisfaction is possible for a team of people when a narcissistic individual dominates the group or team with self-centered entitlements and devaluation of others. Being whiny, manipulative, dramatic, even excessively needed can indicate that you are trying to focus everyone on you for your benefit, not for the benefit of each member of the team. This first part also introduces the first idea about Listening To Others that can help you identify when you have fled into a self-centered existence and justified your unkindness toward others. Don’t stop here though as the rest of the series is valuable for you as you seek to have relationships that mutually satisfying, loving, respectful and fully functional. Face this honestly and quite possibly you will be freer to really care about others and yourself without any need to be grand or glorious–just you and them.

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