Narcissism and Relationships – Abuse, Self-Centeredness, Romance, Problem-Solving

with Dr. Carol Francis

Narcissism is the selfish and self-centeredness preoccupations that some individuals choose or fall into being. Narcissistic individuals in relationships usually feels the nonnarcissistic person should do all their biddings, should take care of all their wants and needs and should organize their life around them. This type of entitlement becomes the rule or law of the relationship that a narcissistic individual demands. Control can be gained by abuse, pulling away or artificial praise. If you are trying to get love, romantic equality, sexual mutual pleasure, sharing of chores or responsibilities, reasonable attention, mutual problem solving, collaboration and team work, mutual accommodation, then you need a partner that is also able to share, compromise and lovingly share. Narcissistic individual for the large part can not provide those healthy shared team-like functions. Explore this aspect of the video series on Narcissism and Relationships offered by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis.

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