Equality and Roles Identity in Relationships – Expectations of Couples and Marriages

with Dr. Carol Francis

Dr. Carol Francis discusses equal relationships, equal identity, gender-roles of men or women, expectations and disappointments. What roles have you assigned to your partner, unconsciously and consciously? What roles does your partner want to fulfill or is capable of fulfilling? When these expectations and “role” or “chore” definitions match, the relationship is solid and pleasant. When expectations and needs and wants do not match what your partner can meet or wants to meet that is when you will have conflicts and disappointments in the relationship. Love, compatibility, skills, expectations, clear-thinking are key to relationships that are mutually satisfied. Here are some keen ideas about how to meet in the middle or adjust so you can create a pleasant connection. The expectations involve household chores (cleaning, picking up, washing clothes, cooking), sexual intimacy (frequency, quality, style of sexual encounters), money earnings and spending (who earns more, who works longer hours, who controls the spending of the money, who manages the bills and investments). Child raising including changing diapers, doing homework, prepping meals, playing, vacation planning for the family…yes these too are roles or hidden expectations that crowd into the satisfaction of all relationships.

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