Emotions as Power Tools – Part 3: Power of Feeling Sad, Afraid, Anxious, Grieved, Angry

with Dr. Carol Francis

In Part 3 addresses the value of feelings that make you feel vulnerable, weak, or uncomfortable. Dr. Carol Francis provides tools which help you endure the time and intensity of these uncomfortable feelings and also how use these stressful feelings in ways that make your emotional muscles stronger. Considering the value of empathy, mirroring and rapport in all circumstances in your life, means that being free to have these vulnerable feelings makes you also able to truly hang-out with others when they are raw too. And grief and sadness, do reflect that whatever is making you sad or grieved is what really mattered to you, even though you lost it (temporarily or forever). At times grief is after all a sign of deep love. Emotions are powerful when they are clear, fluid, and not traumatized. Emotions combined with thoughtful, wise, educated information and training are on the other hand enormously powerful. The following parts will discuss the hows, whys and research.

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