Two-Part Interview with Author Teresa Joyce – Bonus Gift

Sexual Abuse Exposed with Teresa Joyce (2012)

Teresa KNOWS Child Abuse, Cons, & Confusion and Also Knows Paths to Recovery (2018)

This is a two-part series where you’ll get to hear the story about Teresa Joyce, who in her 50’s and after her grandson was born, decided to expose the painful memories of her sexual abuse by her step-father when she was a child. 

Why? To help those who have suffered sexual abuse and those who need to stop hurting others with sexual invasion of human dignity.  

Teresa Joyce, from the United Kingdom, leads us to expose and dispose of the dreaded silence about sexual abuse within families so that more can be liberated to live the rest of their lives whole and loved. Teresa Joyce’s book, There’s A Fine Line, has offered many the insight, self-love, and freedom to move on from the curse of Sexual Abuse.

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