Certification Course 1: Seven Levels of Interventions

The Seven Levels of Interventions Course (which provides a template for all treatment modalities) is accompanied by Classes which are interviews with professionals, several meta-analyses of treatments, research reviews, book reviews, and treatment courses.

Course 13: Yoga for Recovery – Body, Mind, Soul

In this course you’ll learn how to use yoga for recovery to help with the body, mind, and soul. Here to guide you through this course is Adriene Mishler, an international yoga teacher who is well known for her YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene, which provides high quality practices on yoga and mindfulness to inspire Read More

Course 12: Spiritual Tools for Recovery

During recovery, some people discover mystical and religious experiences are transformative. Some need to recover from their faith being torn apart because of their devastating experiences. Spiritual tools, practices, and questions are addressed during this course. Bonus class is also offered on Energy Psychology and other related resources.

Course 11: Self-Therapy Moments

Course 11: Self-Therapy Moments is all about other types of therapeutic moments you can create on your own, empowering yourself even more. Mix and match to find your perfect fit and feel what works best for you.

Course 9: Creating Grit for Recovery

In this course, you will learn how to create GRIT: GUT, RESILIENCE, IDENTITY, TENACITY. You need to be the most powerful person in your life. You need to be a hero to yourself as you recover and start to thrive in your life.

Course 10: Psychotherapies for Abuse and Trauma Recovery

Wondering what therapies are out there and what exactly you should be looking for? This course will guide you through the process of finding the right therapy and therapist that works best for you.  You’ll learn how to get out of abuse, recover, and live a thriving life!

Course 8: Your Body’s Recovery

With abuse and trauma, your body can lose all regulation, rhythms, and consistent patterns that help each part of your body function reliably and smoothly. Course 8 focuses upon how you can help your body recover so that you can rely on your body as you emotionally and psychologically recover, also. You want to shift Read More

Course 7: Freeing From Victimization Looping

Of course you were a victim! You were harmed by someone else who was cruel, disturbingly harmful, self-serving, exploitive or recklessly dangerous. But, you don’t want to continue to feel like or act like you are anyone’s victim as you recover and thrive. This course will take you through the self-respectful paths of freeing yourself Read More

Course 6: Creating Inner Peace

Depression, anxiety, stress, fear, anger, turmoil, trauma, and abuse stab each of us. Conflicts wrangle and strangle any chance for peace away, or so we falsely believe. How many of us also feel that PEACEFULNESS is a silly, unattainable, and unwise goal in this modern conflict-oriented, war-mongering, and impossibly fast-paced, competitive world? Be surprised.

Course 5: Navigating Emotions During Recovery

Navigating emotions are more complicated by abuse and trauma because our physiology and biochemistry changed when exposed to chronic or sudden abuse and trauma. We need to learn again how to return to healthy levels of self-regulation and functional living and integrate emotions into these healthy rhythms we re-learn. In this course we examine Love, Anger, Read More

Course 4: Managing Relationships During Recovery

How do you manage the demands and awkwardness of existing relationships, new relationships, and unfamiliar relationships when you can barely manage a relationship with yourself that is healthy, functional, and stable while you are recovering? This is the focus of these 6 classes in Course 4: Managing Relationships During Recovery.

Course 3: 12 Rs of Recovery, Part 2

This course covers the second half of the 12 R’s of Recovery. If you have not yet reviewed the first half (Course 2), please click here. Use any one or more of these 12 R’s to reply to any moment when you feel the sudden, dreaded, or chronic effects of dealing with flashbacks, nightmares, startle reactions, Read More

Course 2: 12 Rs of Recovery, Part 1 (FREE COURSE)

This course is FREE to take! It covers the first half of the 12 R’s of Recovery, and the next course covers the second half of this topic. Use any one or more of these 12 R’s to reply to any moment when you feel the sudden, dreaded, or chronic effects of dealing with flashbacks, nightmares, startle Read More

Course 1: Waking Up After Escaping Abuse and Trauma

During the first phase of recovery, you begin to wake-up to the realizations that you are no longer being abused or traumatized, and you are beginning to realize just what you have escaped. These six classes in Course 1: Waking-Up After Escaping Abuse and Trauma will help you through this phase of your recovery.