ConArtists and Sociopaths and Weeds …Don’t get lazy or passive about those weeds!

ConArtists and Sociopaths are like weeds in a garden. They will flourish wherever they are allowed to grow. So, groom your life like a truly well weeded garden and make sure to NOT leave any weeds unattended or hidden from your view, as they will root deeply if allowed and choke all your other plants and take over insidiously. Also, don’t become casual or lazy about weeding them out quickly and efficiently. Prolonging their exit will make the job harder for sure.

ConArtists and Sociopaths are not there for you but are there for their OWN self interests and you are their source whether for money, sex, emotional sadism (pleasure of victimizing), power, security or shelter.

ConArtists and Sociopaths know when you wish to be rid of them and will loop you into keeping them in all sorts of manipulations.

Wakeup to their presence. Strategize your exit and their uprooting with thoughtfulness and deliberateness and support. Know they will work to convince you by a myriad of tactics including threats and weeping and promises and denigrating you by picking on your insecurities.

And this is why it’s best to get the weeds quickly and efficiently out of your garden of life. Your life is too valuable to be wasted on those who just want to use you.

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