As you recapture your life or create a new…?

Recapture your life, or better yet, imagine creating the new you that may or may not pull the past you (before trauma) forward. First begin to configure on paper, in your mind and in conversations, the way the new you looks, feels and thinks. Include the wisdom gained from the traumas. Move beyond those experiences and illustrate the new you that thrives, creates, masters, and has peace, ease, vigor etc.

Like the pencil drawing below that became an ink drawing and then finally a watercolor painting, expand and detail YOUR image of you. Then let each day be another embracing of actions, decisions, and connections that lead you closer and closer to that new you, your new creation, being actualized. Change takes envisioning and then acting in a repetitive and progressive manner, like building muscle tone in a gym or developing any skill that begins with knowing nothing and grows into mastery with practice and learning.

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