My Cat Waits for My Lap because..

My cat waits for those moments or hours that my lap is empty and I’m sitting, not because he is desperate or lonely or bored but because it is a mutually blissful time to share.

This is how attachment moments need to be, born out of mutual goodness and safety and fun and love. Don’t build attachments driven by anxiety or fear or desperation or emptiness because with those types of drivers we become blind to what is real and good. Out of those drivers we can attach out of desperation that can make us susceptible to the con artists, gaslighters, users. Work on your healthy resolutions of anxieties or emptiness that extend from the growth of your own wonderful talents and growing traits.

Yes, others can help us heal and help us recover for sure. Within friendships that are mutual help can occur, or with therapeutic assistance of a therapist or a group you can find help that is valuable. But be aware that intimate relationships born out of lack can back fire, especially if your needs make you blind to dark motivations of others. Please use to help you grow!! My gift to you. Dr Carol Francis.

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