FORGIVENESS is NOT the cure…it may harm recovery even more.

This website has a detailed course on the harm of forgiveness as a recovery tool. Please look into that course, it’s free.

Forgiveness focuses on the abuser whereas recovery is about releasing the abused individual to move forward in life. Forgiveness is NOT releasing you but focuses you too easily upon releasing the abuser. Yet again, this attitude is remnant from old court systems approaches.

Consider that you might want to release yourself from getting revenge or getting even or getting justice if none of that is worth the long efforts and expenses to YOU. But moving forward with your life is complex and is an individualistic process and perhaps moving your life forward is moving forward with justice. Perhaps such would merely keep you trapped. You will need to discern such.

Forgiveness is a distraction from releasing YOU from you abuser and your past. Too often people feel like that FORGIVENESS is the path to freedom and then feel trapped by their anger and hurt and their inability to forgive. Guilt ensues.

But forgiveness is what you give someone who is genuinely remorseful and is genuinely willing to create a recompensation if possible without entering into your life again. But again that focuses on the abuser

To focus on your recovery consider that your ANGER at them and at the situation is the flip side of self-love and self-respect. Yes, there is your self-love and self-respect hidden in the bubble of anger and hatred. So NOW focus on the self-love and self-respect and grow all sorts of actions, emotions, and thoughts around how those two can help you grow you next good life.

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