Good People do exist

Truly there are millions of good people, some proactively engaged in the world, some shy and reserved, some behind the scenes, some easy going, some high strung…but good, kind, maybe awkward and always imperfect. I, for one, strive to be that kind good person trying to give out so others can be fueled. You likely are good as well in the broad but real definition of good. You likely wish to care and perhaps trauma and abuse make that tougher. In a world of cons, selfish, cruel, dark people, remember there are those of us that genuinely wish to contribute to our world’s welfare. In whatever ways possible… let’s not forget we exist even when we are in our self-protective, defensive mindsets against those who are disguised as good vs those who are good, imperfectly. Radar for good people is as important as radar for unhealthy folks.

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