Psychological Flexibility Proves Key To a Happy Relationship | Technology Networks

As you heal, you will be more self-trusting. Self-trust means you can protect yourself, rely upon yourself, and shift out of bad situations freely and easily instead of becoming glued or intertwined. Also as you are more self-trusting you’ll be able to test out or verify that any other person is also trustworthy to a large degree (no one is perfect). Thereafter, you will begin to exert some fluidity or ease within a healthy relationship (no such things as a perfectly healthy relationship). This fluidity is a type of flexibility this article references. Safety is first. Self-reliance is second. Self-trust develops as you meet trustworthy people and verify their trustworthiness. Then, you can share some ease and flexibility that lets people be themselves and you be yourself in the context of emotional, mental and physical safety. Let me know your thoughts.

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