Is It Possible to Be Too Much of a Positive Thinker? | Psychology Today

Realistic and savvy thinking, as well as realistic and discerning decisions are not based on negative nor positive thinking but on clarity, research, collecting information, and steering decisions with reasonableness, not impulse and not hunches. Decisions and conclusions based on impulses, hunches, negativity and even positivity are using the past hurts or the illusions of idealizations as the basis of life.

Let those hunches and impulses have a vote on your internal committee that makes decisions or draws conclusions; but there must be at least four other votes…

Voters in your internal committee may need to include: 1) researched information, 2) trusted and tested advising committee comprised of wise friends or counsel with differing opinions, 3) alternate plans or approaches considered, 4) your best values, your best character qualities, 5) safety considerations, 6) necessity considerations, 7) forward thinking, 8) and yes the cheer leader in you that also navigates the pessimist in you.

Create a functional internal committee inside your thinking which helps you make decisions that are not based on hunches, impulses nor extreme negative fears nor extreme positive blindness. Let me know,

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