Ghostbaiting: A Confusing Experience of Rejection | Psychology Today

Just because a new interest or new friend fades or disappears doesn’t mean anything you did was off or wrong or undesirable. Let people chose their path because of their reasons and let go of your internal attachment to what you HOPED would grow with that person. It can only grow if two people are present and invested. And there is NO need to WIN any person over. Let them be them and you be you. You can hope and try but another person can exercise free will and you please exercise real self-respect. Be wary of giving so much it hurts you! Be wary of sacrificing unequally time and resources. Be wary of sudden passionate interest that can wane just as quickly. Here’s an idea: when you meet someone, plant a seed in good soil and water and sun it as instructed. Don’t let your eagerness for love make you move faster than that seed can sprout, grow, peek above the soil, root, flower and be sturdy. In other words, real growth happens in real time. Let me know what you think. Lots of respect to you!!

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