Creating Positive Self-Talk to Abate Anxiety and Depression | Psychology Today

We know negative self-talk adversely impacts muscle strength, coordination, heart rate, sweat, cell health as well as is demotivating, demoralizing, heightens anxiety. So does positive self-talk do the opposite?! It appears so. Now for some, the “kick in the pants” types of self-talk that is negative is like a coach who sounds angry but wants you to do your best. This works well for some people and badly for others. But the pep talks that are positive, the rewarding acknowledgement type talks or the positive self statemnts can encourage further success and reduce anxiety and depression. The scripted positive self-reflections (and I mean carefully scripted and changed or upgraded weekly) coupled with EFT or EMDR or exercise or while doing something positive do change your physiology and well-being. Read this chap’s article and see what you create.

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