Hacking your brain to change bad habits comes down to one psychological trick


Thoughts, actions, reactions, feelings and beliefs can all be implanted as habits inside you. The good news is that habits that are bad or unhealthy thoughts actions, reactions, feelings and beliefs can be altered. This article suggests that by introducing the desired habits and repeating then regularly and predictably for a period of time you can replace a bad habit. So, if you want to exercise daily, begin to do so at the same time predictably even if just 20 minutes a day and within a few weeks you will have a new good habit. The same is true for feelings and thoughts. Select a thought that will be healthy for you and when intrusive awful thoughts come, begin to vocalize loudly and intensely and emotionally (with strength and courage and belief) your new and better thought. At first you may have to do this many many times, interrupting the negative thought quickly and firmly and ever time it erupts. Then, and sooner than you think, the new thought will come quicker and easier whenever the negative begins. Practice this new thought when you are not just replacing the old yuck too so you can make it your Mantra that moves you in the good times and aids you in a bad mental or emotional moment. What are your better thoughts? Let me know. drcarolfrancis@gmail.com

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