Neuroscience research shows we reorganize our memory based on how we will use it later

Abuse and Trauma are awful. To suggest that someone should learn from it and move on is insensitive to say the very least. On the other hand, any situation, good or bad, can lead to lessons learned, character values developed, future situations improved upon, wiser and more solid understandings, clearer decisions and better actions than if the abuse or trauma had never happened. This DOES NOT make the abuse and trauma worth it or even okay. However, it does reveal that it is our job to use any situation we possibly can in ways that can make us and our future better, not because of the abuse or trauma, but because of how we can learn and grow from adverse or positive situations and relationships. Well, consider whatever ideas this article might offer you that seem to help you be your best version of your daily renewed self. Much love to you, Dr Carol Francis

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