29 Psychological Tricks Used To Make You Buy More


Consider how astute our consumer marketing world is about how to manipulate or influence us to buy “sneeds” and “swants…” (Thanks Dr. Seuss) and then consider how easy it is to have abusers, cons, narcissistic individuals, or politicians manipulate you. So just consider these 29 tricks and become more aware of who you are as a buyer or someone who can be deceived or manipulated (we are all human so not guilty or shame, please). Now, some of these will help good people get other good people to do good things…like a good parent with a child or a good spouse with a loving spouse, or good teacher with eager students, or a good politician with humane and just intentions. But be aware nonetheless. Let me know. Dr Carol Francis drcarolfrancis@gmail.com 310-543-1824.

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