Why We Need to Think for Ourselves | Psychology Today


After being trapped or lured or rendered powerless in an abusive relationship, it becomes imperative to rebuild your ability to be discerning, logical, shrewd, wise. In other words your power to think clearly will need to be carefully cultivated by you. You have to truly relearn to think, imagine, listen, reason, decipher information and organize your thoughts and reasoning skills.

Our cognitive functions can be fooled and conned with abusers’ or exploiters’ use of strange combinations of truth and lies, emotionally charged suggestions, demeaning declarations, hypnogogic repetitions etc. Everyday since 2016, I have watched DTrump create the conartists lure, traps, and cognitive dissonant lie-truth patterns that have hypnotized good people into voting contrary to their own values and morals. He was trained by Roy Cohn, a conartists of keen skill. You may not wish to have this discussion become political but it is imperative to realize that your abuser or user also has tricks that caused you to believe you were dependent, powerless, perhaps pathetic, or unworthy of safety and love, and respect. One man can fool 60 million people. And your abuser deceived you too.

These cognitive tricks require you to retrain your thinking so that you cannot be fooled again into betraying your own well-being or feeling powerless to leave. And since you are reading this, you have either escaped or are about to escape…bravo. And now you will have to help your emotions and thinking skills become clearer and clearer too. Be as clear as you can each day, be as kind to yourself each day as you can, be aware and discerning as you can each day. Dr Carol Francis drcarolfrancis@gmail.com 310-543-1824.

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