Coping with Depression | Psychology Today

If I were to tell you there are well over 300 hacks you could implement today, this week, this month, that would help alleviate depression, would you implement 10 of the hacks you chose, daily for 30, 60, 90 days? Oddly, most would say yes but not do the tasks. We have become a society who leans on pharmaceuticals to lift us up from our distress which leaves us even more dependent and helpless. And truth be known, pharmaceuticals may be one of your ten. Point is this, depression makes us NOT do our lives which makes us even more depressed biologically, neurologically, psychologically, financially and socially. Now, all of my books have hacks, hundreds of them, for anxieties, depression, sleep, eating concerns, relationships, even spiritual reveries. If you choose 10 of these hacks, at least two for each of those categories (biologically, neurologically, psychologically, financially and socially) and use them for 2-4 weeks and then modify your list as you progress or began to understand what you need, you would see a difference. View your life as no different than a computer with bugs that needs to be debugged and you are the debugger. And begin. “Own Your Peace” and “Recovery After Abuse and Trauma” are two of my 20 books where hacks exists. (Amazon… inexpensively ebook or paperback.. and I dont get much money for either, so this is not about money for me…really!). Let me know, Dr Carol Francis 310-543-1824

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