Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? | Psychology Today

“Everything needs maintenance,” is a key quote form this article. Another idea to chew on is– demands on your time and energy are likely to come in waves, ebbing and flowing. If you take these two adages when you are in the midst of knarly life’s demanding times and then remind yourself that 1) taking care of chores for your body, shelter, earnings and families is part of a cycle in your life and that 2) planning soon to also take the flow of breaks, breathing, ease, laughter, peace– are both maintenance needs in your life. Then work toward your kind of balance in life: between addressing the ebbs of demands swiftly and energetically and also addressing the flows of life creating peace and ease moments too. Remember your balance points will change as you recover too, as you gain energy, motivation, clarity, and self-care and other-care wisdom. Soon then, Dr Carol Francis 310-543-1824.

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