Critical Skills – Empathy

Empathy with others sometimes leads to sympathy or pity for others. Empathy allows us to resonate clearly with another’s emotions or situations. Sadly sometimes con artists, narcissists, sociopaths, manipulators will use another’s ability to care and have sympathy as a way to lure in another person’s commitment into a relationship that is exploitive, usuary, pure pleasure (hedonistically), sadistic, etc. Be aware that your ability to care or empathize (as they are different) may link you up with someone who is not sincere. Be aware to that your ability to care and empathize may also connect you with wonderful people or truly worthy needs that truly benefit positively from your connections. Be wise, bottom line, where you cast your pearls and avoid the “alligators” or the “vampires” or “deceivers” or pure users. Discernment is essential when giving and connecting and trusting. And yes, D. Trump is one of the most obvious users, conartists and deceivers in our politics and business world who cares nothing for anyone, not even his kids. He knows the NLP and tricks if cons he studied from Cohn and his dad Fred….But there are many more in less obvious places who are more subtle for you to discern and recognize. Learn the traits of DT, nonetheless and spot those traits elsewhere too in order to learn to discern.

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